Our family moved to Granville in 2014 and needed to quickly find a preschool for our daughter, Emma. Thank you God we found Sonshine School! We were entering a new community, moving into a new home and two new schools for our children. We wanted a faith based preschool for our 4 year old and Sonshine has been SO much more than we ever expected! The staff, the teachers, the school itself is honestly just amazing! You can feel the love flowing through the halls when you walk through the doors. I remember being just a couple weeks into our first school year and while walking through downtown Granville, Suzanne approached our family and said “hi” to all of us, but then bent down to Emma who was attending the school and said “Hi Emma…how are you?!” What more can you ask for? I could not have felt more connected to our school. What an awesome feeling it is to feel like a valued family and part of your preschool… not just a number! We really can’t say enough good things about Sonshine Preschool! We feel blessed to have had so many great years for our children at Sonshine!

Josh and Jessica Dandurand

When we were searching for a preschool, we wanted to make sure it was somewhere where our son felt safe, supported, and surrounded by love and faith. From the first moment that we walked into Sonshine Preschool, I felt all of those things. We were greeted at the door with a smile and walked through the halls which were covered with student work and bright colors. I immediately knew that this was the place for our family. Our son enjoyed meeting the teachers and staff and did not want to leave. It filled our hearts with joy. We felt so comfortable sending him to school on his first day, just a few weeks after his baby brother was born. We were nervous because there was so much change happening at one time.

Sonshine preschool has been a blessing to our family. Our son loves going to school and can’t stop talking about the lessons and songs that he has learned. He has exceeded my expectations in terms of content that he has learned during his two years in preschool. I feel that he is well prepared for kindergarten next year. It is a bittersweet time for our family because the transition to kindergarten is an exciting time, but we will miss our Sonshine community.

When asked about our preschool experience, we always recommend Sonshine preschool. It provides academics, faith education, and love for all children.

Meghan and Chris Strayer

Our experience with Sonshine Preschool has been nothing short of wonderful. We love the caring and nurturing environment, the Christ-centered atmosphere and the fantastic staff. From the moment we arrived for our tour, we knew this was a school where we could feel confident and secure in the knowledge that the teachers and staff really do care SO much, so much about guiding and teaching our little ones and about teaching God’s Love. We have watched our oldest daughter blossom and excel in the loving and patient hands of the staff. This is our second year here as Sonshine parents and we plan to send our younger daughter as well as our baby on the way! Great Job, Sonshine!

Julie and Jeff Neumer

We have been blessed with the opportunity to send two of our three children to Sonshine Preschool, and are looking forward to sending our third as well! We love the Christ-centered atmosphere and have watched our kids excel in areas that have helped prepare them socially and academically for Kindergarten. The love displayed by all of the staff makes it easy to leave them, knowing they are in great hands! If you’re looking for a great preschool for your kids look no further!

Ashley and Kristopher McInturff

As grandparents who enrolled a precious grandchild in the Sonshine School, we can say that we are so grateful for the love and care given to him during his two years there.  He was well-prepared for Kindergarten but more importantly he came home knowing more and more each day about Jesus.  The gentle, loving guidance of the staff helped him to learn how to relate with others appropriately and treat others as Jesus would.  He fondly reflects on his days at Sonshine School and remembers the fun times, special friends and loving teachers who have left a handprint on his life.

Luke and Cathi Lucas

Over the years I have fallen in love with Sonshine school. As a first-time mom I was a bit nervous about sending my kids off to kindergarten without having the proper social and academic skills. I wanted to make sure that I had done everything I could to prepare them for the next phase of life. I was very pleased at where my children’s level of ability was when they enter kindergarten because of what Sonshine had provided. Through the process I fell in love with Sonshine school, the teachers, the administration and the atmosphere. I loved that Sonshine school could openly share the good news of Jesus to the kids each day to set that firm foundation early on. I would highly recommend Sonshine school to any parent who is considering sending their child to preschool. It has been a blessing for my family and the teachers are the best of the best.

Nicole and Kelsie Gieseler

The time our boys spent at Sonshine School is priceless to us.  Anytime you can send your children into a loving, safe and comfortable environment that includes prayer and the word of God, it’s a good thing.  Our children grew socially as well as developmentally and were more than prepared for Kindergarten when the time came.  Our three sons are growing fast but we will forever be grateful for the staff and the love given while they were there.  Thank you Sonshine School!

Heather & Tim Wollenberg

Sonshine Preschool was the best introduction to “the real world” for our son, Jack. In an atmosphere of Christian love and nurturing, and with children from all walks of life in the same social environment, the Sonshine School teachers introduced so many practical life lessons that Paula and I were able to build upon as we began home schooling following his graduation from Sonshine Preschool. I love the energy, creativity, personal attention, and genuine care that each Sonshine Preschool staff member displays to the children.

Brad & Paula Pilkington

Our family has been involved with Sonshine Preschool for several years.  Our oldest daughter attended and now our twins attend.  We initially looked into the school because we heard great reviews and personal experiences many friends in the area have had.  We were very impressed by what we found when we toured the halls and met the staff.  Initially, we were nervous about leaving our child for the first time.  However, after attending the meet and greet we felt that this was the right place.  The next two years while our oldest attended was amazing.  Watching her learn and prepare for kindergarten was exhilarating.  The staff at Sonshine helped her (and us) in so many ways.  We also loved watching her knowledge of Christ grow.


Now that she is in 1st grade, our twins attend. Our twins love it!  The staff continues to impress us with their attention to detail, caring hearts and Christ focused mission with the kids.  We love that our kids learn new skills but also gain an understanding of our Christian Faith.  We would highly recommend Sonshine Preschool.  If you want a personal, hands-on, loving environment for your children to grow….. this is the place to be.

Seth and Jennifer Teagle

We all know how it feels to send your child off to his first day of school-you hope he has the best experience possible AND no one will see you ugly cry. The teachers and staff at Sonshine Preschool understand how important the early education experience is from both a parent and child perspective. Nurturing, caring, creative, FUN!, Christ-centered, and focused on the whole child. Our oldest son was prepared for Kindergarten both academically and socially, but more importantly, his first school experience was one of kindness and love.

Matt and Alison Miller

What a blessing Sonshine School has been to our family. Each of our four children had very positive preschool years thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff at Sonshine. They greet each child warmly and send them home with a hug goodbye. The rooms are colorful, fun and interactive. The teachers make learning fun through songs, books, arts and crafts and interactive learning centers. Our children not only grew educationally, but also socially and most importantly spiritually. It would make my heart smile when they would come home reciting a bible story or singing a song they learned at school that day. This year is bittersweet as our youngest is off to kindergarten next fall. We are so grateful that our children were able to attend Sonshine School. It was pivotal in building a positive foundation for each of them. Thanks a million Sonshine School!

Jeremy and Cara Johnson

We were Sonshine parents for 3 years and we having nothing but great things to say! Not only is Sonshine very serious about the business of taking care of our kids but they are serious about providing a very positive and well-rounded learning environment.  Our daughter always looked forward to going and what seemed like “play” was often carefully designed curriculum to help her learn and have fun at the same time.  The hearts of the staff show in the way they care for the children that this is not a day-care; this is a place for children to come to be loved and grow.  In addition, we heard from a kindergarten teacher that Sonshine kids are always the most well prepared for kindergarten and that has definitely proven true in our case.

Justina and Ethan Nadolson

I have three boys and all have attended Sonshine School. They really care about each child (and the parents too). My children loved going to school there and have made lasting friendships. I love the fact that they learned more than I thought any child would in a pre-school. My boys were all very well prepared to go on to kindergarten and excel. The teachers at the elementary school often speak highly of Sonshine School and the students it produces. And last, but not least, Christian values are emphasized which are so important in this increasingly self-centered world. I highly recommend Sonshine School for a great, fun, character-building education.

Renee’ Haley

Sonshine Preschool was a wonderful environment for my 3 girls to begin their first days of school.  The teachers were warm and inviting, both to my children and myself.  At times the girls were apprehensive and even uncooperative.  In fact I remember tears many times. In each situation the staff was patient and kind.  I also appreciated the staff’s attention to my needs as a first time mom, mom of a child who wouldn’t speak to others before entering school, and a mom of child number 3, the one who breaks all rules J  You can not put a price on the love, understanding and academic readiness that Sonshine School provides.  Thank you Sonshine School for laying a great foundation for my children’s future schooling!

Gale Slater

Between my children, we’ve attended 5 years of preschool at three different facilities so I can say with conviction that Sonshine School is a step above the rest. The teachers and staff at Sonshine School are the warmest we’ve ever encountered.

For 2 school years, we drove all the way from the Westerville/New Albany area to Sonshine School and this was before the new highway! The commute was worth it to our family to enjoy the quality instruction, caring teachers, committed administrator and staff, and Christian environment provided at Sonshine School.

All of our children are in elementary school now, and they were definitely well prepared for the academic and social requirements of Kindergarten. We highly recommend Sonshine Preschool.

Debra and Rob Lowery

So far, two of our children have gone through Sonshine Preschool, and I cannot say enough great things about our experience there. The staff are not only kind and compassionate, but they work incredibly hard to prepare their students for kindergarten and beyond. The school is wonderfully clean and safe, and the teachers are organized and consistent. When my child is at Sonshine Preschool, I know she is receiving the nurture and education she needs. We have been truly blessed to have our children attend Sonshine!

Todd & Sarah Boulware

My grandson has attended Sonshine Preschool for the past two years.  I am a retired teacher with over 30 years experience in the classroom, and I can confidently say that my grandson could not have received a better preschool experience anywhere else.  He has had excellent academic instruction, as well as appropriate Biblical instruction for his age.  I have observed the teachers, assistants, office staff and administrators to interact with the students, as they would their own children, with love and respect.  The academics taught are age appropriate for 3, 4 and 5 year olds and presented in fun, interesting ways.  School days are always something that is eagerly anticipated.  The facilities are cheerful, always spotless and delightfully decorated.  We look forward to our second grandson attending Sonshine Preschool in the future.

Debbie Retzlaff

This is our fourth and final year as Sonshine Preschool parents. To say we have been extremely pleased doesn’t even come close! Our children have learned and grown so much academically, spiritually, and socially. Our daughter was prepared for Kindergarten and has done very well in school. She also became a Christian at the age of 5! We attribute this in a great part to the dedicated, loving, nurturing, and knowledgeable teachers and staff at Sonshine Preschool. I am a teacher myself and I can see that the children are taught the foundations for a successful education in the future. We highly recommend Sonshine Preschool to any family looking for quality teaching and care.

Courtney and Chad Crabtree

I don’t think we can say enough about what a fantastic preschool education our daughter has received at Sonshine School! The welcoming sense of community there is tremendous, and we all felt at home right from the very beginning. Their teachers are not only well-qualified, but also nurturing and loving. Our daughter has grown and learned so much during her time at Sonshine School, and we feel that she is well-prepared for kindergarten next year. All of this has been based on a Christian foundation that is centered on the love of our Lord! We couldn’t have asked for more from our daughter’s preschool experience!

Dallas and Andy Wildman

My husband and I have been so pleased with the education that our two sons received at Sonshine Preschool. As an early childhood educator myself, I have very high expectations for what a preschool should be. Sonshine School has met those expectations, all while learning in a caring, Christian environment. Our sons were well prepared to enter kindergarten and we’re so thankful that we have been part of the Sonshine School family!

Greg & Greta Clouse

We have sent both of our girls to Sonshine Preschool and have absolutely loved our time here! The teachers are caring and warm and give every child that extra attention and consideration that they need to really grow and flourish. The teachers also stay well connected with the parents through email, white board announcements, newsletters etc. and I always feel in touch with what the kids did and learned in class, as well as specifically how my children progressed. Classes were fun and educational and both my kids were well prepared for kindergarten. The Christian based environment encourages children to learn and develop empathy and responsibility.   I have been very happy to have both my children at Sonshine for our preschool years and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid, Christian foundation for their children!

Rick and Josie Snyder

Our children have been enrolled in Sonshine Preschool for the past two years. Our experience there has been tremendous! The teachers and staff are truly Sonshine Preschool’s greatest strength. They are professional, kind and genuinely care for the children. Sonshine lays a strong biblical foundation. The children memorize scripture and daily learn biblical principles, while also learning the things they need to be academically successful in school. Sonshine has provided our boys with such a wonderful preschool experience. We are so pleased with our decision to send our children to Sonshine Preschool.

Phil and Maria Clark

Our time at Sonshine School has been wonderful from the very beginning.  All four of our children have had such an amazing experience there.  I believe this school offers a warm, nurturing environment, and a fun place where kids can be kids.  All of the teachers have such a knack for providing a place of discovery, joy, and creativity.  We see it in our child’s eyes when he exits each day.  I love that the teachers are so good at helping the kids learn to interact with their peers and making friendships that will last.  We love Sonshine School and feel lucky that our kids have had the experiences they have had!

Inga and Patrick Windley

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Proverbs 22:6